About Us

Your online store that deliver your goods, groceries and products at your doorstep.

What we really do?

We will deliver goods, grocery and products at your doorstep for all around Bohol, Philippines. You shop online, purchase based on available products in our online store, add to cart and finally do the checkout. Based on your checkout products, we will find your location and deliver it to you. On our online store you have options for payment, you can pay us via paypal or cash on delivery which is the popular option.

This is really a best service for this year, especially people who has the busiest time ever on their work or business. For OFW, you can purchased products or groceries and pay us via paypal, and it is our responsibility to send this to your love ones home.

Our Vision

Our main vision is to have a store online that can help people to spent their time with their family instead of going to store, supermarket or mall to shop goods and groceries. We will give each family a time that they should spent to their love ones. Instead of spending time on going malls or supermarket, we will do it for you. The payment you give to us is like a payment for time and fare for vehicle. But the most important is you save time, you save effort because we will do it for you.

Our goal in summary is to provide a service that give us both benefits, you shop it online and we will deliver it for you. No more time limits on purchasing groceries, because you can do it now anytime and anywhere. No more standing for hours in queues. No more worries for closing time. We can deliver your groceries anywhere you want in Bohol, but also you have to check first for our rates and available shipping locations. Click here.

History of Beginning

This service of goods start when me and my wife searching a good business where we can use our skills and pursue our ambition to have our on online business. I am a web developer myself, I am working for website design and development for different company, and my wife is also an IT staff. We are finding ourself what business where we can both use our skills, that we can work together. We already tried different business online like selling clothes, affiliates, online marketing for ads, etc, but nothing works. So my wife suggested me to have a store online that will deliver grocery to doors. Then we will add different products after it become known. At first I have a doubt myself, its hard and I know that. I have to work to feed them, so I have only few hours to spend on this kind of business. But later I found it interesting and we plan together.